Tom Paquin


Here at the Future of Field Service, we love talking about new product implementation, integration, and rollout, but we realize that represents a very small percentage of the day-to-day life of service IT. The meat of IT interactions happen in the moments in between those large scale implementations; Maintenance, onboarding, and off-boarding of employees onto the various systems that run your service practice. Right alongside those big implementations, these day-to-day operations are changing too.  The…

 Josh Zolin, CEO of Windy City Equipment and Author of new book Blue Is The New White, chats with Sarah about what led him to write a book about the appeal of the trades and how field service organizations can use this message to assist in recruiting efforts.    

 Greg Lush, previously VP of Innovation at EMCOR and master of all things digital transformation, recently launched consultancy Last Mile Worker Solutions. In this episode, Greg joins Sarah to discuss some of the common traps that can outright derail your digital transformation initiatives.    

WBR’s Field Service USA Conference is an excellent opportunity to connect with business leaders, check in on old friends, and get a feel for how the industry is changing. I’m certain that there will be quite a bit of digital ink spilled on the topics uncovered at the event (We’ve already had a bonus podcast episode recorded while there), and there are quite a few things worth unpacking in the coming days and weeks. One…

Live from Field Service Palm Springs, Sarah hosts a roundtable conversation with David Douglas, VP of Service Management at Scientific Games, Buddy Saucier, VP HVAC Service at Johnson Controls, and Roger O’Connor, VP Product Support at Gosiger to discuss how the conference has changed, and what value that they’ve seen from this year’s events.