Tom Paquin


I know what you’re thinking—The last thing that your business needs is another top-down decision-maker imposing their vision on a staff. But hear me out. I have two questions about service at your business. Here’s the first: Where does the direction of your service business come from, on the executive level, today? Perhaps, if you’re a pure service business, it comes from product. For others, it may be a function of operations. For others still,…

 Joe Pine, Author of The Experience Economy: Work Is Theatre & Every Business a Stage and Cofounder of Strategic Horizons, talks with Sarah about how companies can differentiate service (the “what”) by thinking more strategically about delivering experiences (the “how”).    

 Stacy Sherman, Director of Customer Experience and Employee Engagement at Schindler Elevator, joins Sarah in a discussion around whether NPS is an overrated metric for measuring success with customer experience efforts. Click here to read more from Stacy on the Future of Field Service. Click here to learn more about Stacy’s work on Doing CX Right.