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What is Future Of Field Service?

Don’t Be Fooled By Our Name - Future Of Field Service Reaches Far Beyond The Field.

What is Future Of Field Service?

Don’t Be Fooled By Our Name - Future Of Field Service Reaches Far Beyond The Field.

What Will You Find at Future Of Field Service?

Interested in the latest technology trends? We’ve got you. Wanting to evolve as a leader? You’re not alone. Creating a strategy for how to innovate service? We can help.

We cover a wide range of topics, including digital transformation and technology trends; service strategy, evolution, and revenue growth; customer experience and satisfaction; recruiting, hiring, and retention; employee enablement and engagement; data mastery and business intelligence; leadership styles and tips; change management and communication; and honestly so much more.

What makes our approach unique is that we explore these topics by prioritizing what those “walking the talk” find most important to discuss. We don’t have a premeditated editorial calendar we seek to fill, and we don’t have advertisers to appease. So, when you read one of our articles or listen to our UNSCRIPTED podcast (new every Wednesday), you’ll be guaranteed authenticity and real-world experiences.

The best way for you to stay up to date is through our newsletter, the INSIDER. You can also follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter. Finally, if you have a story to tell or a topic to discuss, we would love to hear from you!

Meet Sarah Nicastro: Creator, Editor in Chief & Podcast Host 

Sarah Nicastro is the driving force behind Future of Field Service, as Creator, Editor in Chief, and Host of the UNSCRIPTED podcast. Through insightful articles and engaging interviews with industry giants, Sarah distils real-world perspectives into actionable insights. Renowned as a global keynote speaker, she inspires audiences to navigate modern business complexities and drive transformative change. With a unique combination of community-sourced best practices and her own thought leadership, Sarah empowers service leaders to embrace innovation and chart their course toward sustainable success. 

Sarah’s influence extends far beyond the digital realm as she takes centre stage at live events, including our own expertly curated Future of Field Service Live Tour series. Whether giving keynote presentations for major global brands or speaking at industry events like Field Service Europe, Sarah enjoys sharing the knowledge she’s gleaned over more than fifteen years in this space. Sarah lends her expertise in various other ways, such as taking part as a judge for London-based Hot Topics’ first-ever Service Visionaries Top 100 awards in 2023, contributing to the recognition of innovation and excellence within the service industry.  

Sarah lives in Erie, Pennsylvania with her husband Eric; two sons, Evan and Ellis; and two cats, Atticus and Popcorn. To decompress, she likes to visit Lake Erie and search for beach glass. She’s an avid reader, a die-hard fan of hip-hop, is obsessed with ice cream, and Pelotons daily.  

Meet the Team

Joanna Darby Dams: Events and Digital Experience Manager   

Joanna leads the meticulous planning and execution of Future of Field Service live events, including our upcoming 2024 series and also oversees Digital activities for Future of Field Service. 

Joanna lives in the UK with her husband and two dogs, Penny and Douglas. A keen traveller, Joanna has been to over 40 countries and is always looking for her next adventure. 

If you have any questions about our website, the INSIDER, or our live events, Joanna would be happy to help. 

Email Joanna Here


Erin Hardwick: Social Media Manager and Events Assistant  

Erin is our Social Media Manager, responsible for managing our Future of Field Service accounts across all social channels, she also assists in event planning and execution. Erin’s goal is to make our latest content easy for you to find and meaningful for you to engage with.  

Erin lives in Sheffield in the UK and loves to bake, cook, read, and is a coffee connoisseur, convinced Aussie coffee is the best in the world.  

Reach out to Erin for assistance with any social media enquiries.  

Email Erin Here


Podcast Production Team  

Our podcast production team assists Sarah with guest outreach and booking, and fully manages all podcast video and audio editing, production, and publication. They also manage Sarah’s appearances on other podcasts when she decides to take on the guest versus host role. If you’d like to discuss a potential podcast guest for Future or Field Service, or having Sarah as a guest on your podcast, you can reach out to the team for collaboration possibilities. 

Email FAME Here

Sarah Nicastro