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December 7, 2018 | 2 Mins Read

Welcome To The Future of Field Service

December 7, 2018 | 2 Mins Read

Welcome To The Future of Field Service


By Sarah Nicastro, Creator, Future of Field Service

As I approach 11 years in this industry, I can’t help but reflect back on not only my personal journey but all of the ways in which the industry has progressed. What strikes me is the realization that we’ve finally arrived in the future of field service! My early days were filled with writing articles on real-time knowledge transfer, the use of field mobility, and integration of GPS data. A few years later it was IoT’s early coverage (then referred to as M2M). The concepts and technologies we’ve been discussing for a very long time have set the stage for service organizations to truly embrace and capitalize on the future of field service by transforming service delivery, reinventing the customer experience, and creating a more strategic, profitable service organization.

Where the industry is at is exciting, and where it is headed is even more so. The foundation service organizations have laid with optimized processes and strong automation provides limitless opportunity for true innovation and transformation.

We’ve also arrived in The Future of Field Service – as in, the site you are reading right now! This site is a resource created in partnership with IFS and WorkWave to provide a platform for true thought leadership, knowledge sharing among service peers, and industry collaboration. I am honored to be at the helm and am committed to delivering quality content on the topics that matter most to you.

What can you expect from Future of Field Service? We’ll strive to feature the voice of the industry, both in the form of success stories and topical interviews. I will provide analysis of the challenges, trends, and opportunities I feel are relevant to the service community. We’ll feature insight from other industry thought leaders, including analysts, consultants, and guest experts. While you might see the occasional product-related piece of content here, that will generally be kept to the corporate sites – this will be more focused on high-level industry trends and themes.

While the name of the site has “Future” in it, it is important to note that the insight you’ll find here won’t all be forward-looking. We feel it is important to help service organizations both master the present and prepare for the future – so you’ll also fine content here that provides more tactical advice for conquering some of today’s most common challenges.

I welcome each of you to this new resource – thank you for joining me on this journey into the future! For this to be a valuable forum for the service community the way we intend it to be, I need your engagement and insight. Please reach out to me with any thoughts you have on topics you’d like to see covered, formats of content you prefer, and of course if you have a story of your own I can help you tell! You can reach me at