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June 24, 2019 | 2 Mins Read

Five Leadership Lessons from Marne Martin

June 24, 2019 | 2 Mins Read

Five Leadership Lessons from Marne Martin


By Tom Paquin

Marne Martin, President of the IFS Service Management Business Unit and CEO of WorkWave, recently sat down with Thrive Global to discuss her experience, interests, and her vision for the future—not just in business. As the article says:

“If two impressive titles aren’t enough, Marne is also an award-winning competitive dressage rider and breeder (in her spare time!). She’s an avid supporter of girls and women pursuing STEM careers and uses her professional time to help IFS deliver top notch service management solutions by working with customers to uncover and solve business challenges.”

Marne’s experience spans an eclectic and diverse set of circumstances, and in her own words, she is able to explore her personal history, and how it influences her role as a dynamic presence in the world of field service. Marne’s leadership lessons in particular highlight the wisdom that she’s garnered through her years of personal and professional experience:

  1. Lead from the front, but don’t micromanage. Micromanaging is done in an effort to control, but a strong leader doesn’t need to control every detail if you are setting clear objectives for the team and hiring capable employees.
  2. Hire the best talent you can afford, and then trust and support them. Great talent is worth the investment and you must have confidence in their ability to perform.
  3. Be modest. Believe enough in your abilities that you don’t need to talk about them — let your actions speak for themselves.
  4. Don’t rest on your laurels. A good leader is always evolving and growing — you can never feel you’ve “mastered” leadership, you should always be expanding and sharpening your skills.
  5. Pay it forward. Think about the opportunities that you were given that allowed you to achieve what you have and look for ways to provide similar opportunities to others.

Beyond the professional, Marne took the opportunity to discuss what is important to her on a global scale. “I would love to play a part in improving and increasing the level of education around the world,” she says, “Especially for girls and women.”

Marne’s insights are certainly a great read, so be sure to check out the full article here.