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October 18, 2021 | 3 Mins Read

Pausing to Reflect

October 18, 2021 | 3 Mins Read

Pausing to Reflect


By Sarah Nicastro, Creator, Future of Field Service

It isn’t my nature to do much reflecting – I am more the type who quickly moves on to the next thing, usually at lightning speed. My husband always jokingly asks me if we’ll ever take just one year off of doing “major” things (he knows that, with me, the answer is no). There are a lot of reasons why this is my norm, but this isn’t that type of self-reflection piece. 

On October 15th, I celebrated three years with IFS. For those of you that knew me before, when I was with Field Technologies, you likely have an idea of how emotional the transition was for me. While it was in some ways difficult for me to move forward from a role I’d loved for so long, I knew in my heart that the potential I could see in IFS – both for me in my role and contribution, and in the company’s journey – was too significant to pass up. So, with that instinct, I leapt. 

My first day “on the job,” I flew to Stockholm to attend the IFS Nordics team’s customer event. The overwhelm was fierce – this was the day after my last day at Field Technologies, I wasn’t accustomed to international travel and the jet lag was real, I was highly intimidated and self-conscious about being what felt like the only single language fluent person at the event, and I was so unsure of the decision I’d just made. I put on a brave face, but if I’m being totally transparent, I called my husband crying with uncertainty more than once.

Here’s the wonderful thing, though – experiences like that are what help you grow. You know the saying; good things don’t come from comfort zones? It’s true, and after more than a decade in one environment, it was time. Looking back, I cherish what that trip taught me – that I can do hard things, that those around me see my worth and value my contributions and potential (and that I should, too), that a whole new world brings a whole new realm of opportunities, and that there are kind people all around (huge shoutout to Marne, Fredrik, Elni, Daniel, and Jonathan whose warm welcomes will forever stand out in my mind from that first week). 

Three years later and many more experiences of being stretched in ways that enable my own personal evolution, and I’m not only proud of what I’ve accomplished but thankful for my decision. I was brought into IFS to launch Future of Field Service, which has grown into a platform with thousands of followers that is providing true, objective thought leadership to the industry I love. The podcast, which launched in April of 2019, was something I’d dreamed of doing for a long time – to invite others to share in the wonderful, enriching conversations that I am fortunate enough to have as a part of my “job.” Today we’ve published more than 130 episodes, and I have immensely enjoyed every one of those conversations and value the people I’ve met in having them. 

And more on the people – the people are the best part of this journey. I value the IFS colleagues that I’ve met that have become true friends, those that have challenged my thinking and expanded my views, and those I can watch and admire. The IFS customers, who are just beyond wonderful. I have built relationships with customers where we regularly exchange pictures of our kids and/or pets, where we help one another through challenges or do some great brainstorming, and that have taught me so much. All while continuing to interact with folks outside the IFS ecosystem in a way that enriches the overall progression of the industry.  

Thank you for indulging me in this moment to reflect, and to share with you. I am proud of what I’ve contributed to Future of Field Service, to IFS, and to the industry over the last three years – but more than proud I am incredibly grateful. And best yet, while reflecting is something I truthfully should do far more of, I am also very excited about what’s to come.