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December 20, 2023 | 2 Mins Read

Future of Field Service Top 10 of 2023

December 20, 2023 | 2 Mins Read

Future of Field Service Top 10 of 2023


Sarah shares her selections for the Top 10 Future of Field Service podcasts of 2023.

Episode 200: The Neuroscience of Leading Through Change with Dr. Elizabeth Moran

Episode 205: My Recipe for Success Using Service as a Competitive Advantage. Venkata Reddy Mukku, Vice President Worldwide Service & Support Organization at Bruker Nano Surfaces & Metrology, about the approach he finds impactful in achieving service excellence.

Episode 206: Busting the Biggest Burnout Myths with Cait Donovan, speaker, author and host of the Fried podcast.

Episode 207: How Whirlpool Creates Field Service Differentiation. Simone Silva, Senior Director of Consumer Services and Matt Ganus, Director of Home Services, both at Whirlpool join Sarah to discuss how they’ve taken a path to field service differentiation using independent service providers and how they’ve done so without sacrificing collaboration, customer experience, or service success.

Episode 217: Debunking the Myths that Impede Workplace Inclusion with Mita Mallick, who published her book, Reimagine Inclusion, this fall. 

Episode 222: Breaking the Outdated Field Service Mold. Anthony Billups, North America Vice President of Sales and Market Development at Comfort Systems USA, for an open discussion on some of the historical thinking and practices that are holding field service industries back from success in today’s landscape and what needs to change in terms of a fresh approach.

Episode 226: How Can Service Leaders Nurture Empowerment? With co-authors of Once Upon a Leader, Christine Miners and Rick Lash. 

Episode 231: Transformational Leadership in the AI Era with Dr. John Chrisentary, formerly of Medtronic. 

Episode 232: Creating a Culture of Safety in Field Service with Franklin Maxon, VP Field Services, North America at Socomec. 

Episode 241: What I’ve Learned About Leadership Through My Breast Cancer Journey with Linda Tucci, Senior Global Director, Technical Solutions Center, QuidelOrtho, for a vulnerable and inspiring conversation around how she’s navigated a breast cancer diagnosis while continuing to show up as a leader.

BONUS: Episode 243, The Takeover with Roy Dockery, VP Field Operations at Flock Safety

Event summaries:

211 – Field Service Palm Springs

214 – UK FoFS

215 – Paris FoFS

218 – Minneapolis FoFS

219 – Duseldorf FoFS

227 – Field Service Hilton Head

234 – Service Visionaries Top 100

235 – Stockholm FoFS

237 – Field Service Europe

240 – Field Service Connect