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February 28, 2024 | 2 Mins Read

Aligning Service Skills to a Modern Value Proposition with Frank Odogu

February 28, 2024 | 2 Mins Read

Aligning Service Skills to a Modern Value Proposition with Frank Odogu


Episode 254

In this episode of the Future of Field Service podcast, host Sarah Nicastro is joined by Frank Odogu, Director of Lifecycle Services at Atlas Converting Equipment, for a discussion around moving beyond seeking only technical skill in service and taking a more holistic talent approach to meet future needs.

Frank has over eight years of leadership experience in the global service sector at Atlas Converting Equipment, where he is committed to providing outstanding customer support and leading revenue growth. Frank holds a Six Sigma Green Belt certification and is highly skilled in IIoT solutions, process engineering, and enhancing manufacturing processes.

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Episode Highlights:

  • [02:46] - Businesses are increasingly distinguishing themselves through superior service, which demands a workforce skilled in technical aspects, emotional awareness, and business acumen. This trio of skills is crucial for delivering outstanding customer experience. However, finding talents who excel in all three areas is challenging, especially regarding business awareness and emotional intelligence. Developing these competencies requires a thorough approach, including training and real-world application, to prepare a well-rounded and effective workforce.
  • [12:03] - Effective leadership is key in steering the focus of talent beyond immediate tasks to embrace the broader organizational vision. This involves providing teams with the necessary tools and knowledge for their roles, as well as fostering a culture of engagement and continuous improvement. Leadership should recognize and develop solutions that serve both customers and employees, ensuring the integration of digital innovations benefits all stakeholders.
  • [16:00] - Navigating the challenge of balancing immediate needs with future planning, especially in talent management, is essential for sustained growth and innovation. Frank highlights the importance of integrating long-term strategic planning with daily operations through effective budgeting, stakeholder engagement, and management buy-in. By setting aside time to review and adjust strategies regularly, businesses can ensure they are meeting both current and future demands.
  • [24:25] - To foster growth and retain young talents who crave career progression, companies should offer a dynamic work environment where employees can explore various roles and responsibilities. Mapping their strengths and interests into different areas of business expansion allows businesses to create personalized growth paths. This enhances employees' skill sets across a broad spectrum and keeps them engaged and motivated.

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