October 2019


 Live from the IFS / WorkWave User conference, Sarah sits down with Marne Martin, CEO Workwave & President Service Management Global Business Unit at IFS, Erica Brister, President & CEO of U.S. Pest Protection, Danielle Canup, President & COO at Duraclean, and Mary Mahoney, CEO at Pacific Lawn Sprinklers. The group discusses their personal experience and finding their voices as female leaders in service.    

In the face of constricting workforce and increased automation, one thing has become very clear: Industry-leading service companies are learning to do more with less. Through technology, and organizational optimization, fewer internal resources are now needed to complete a service job. That’s certainly true in the truck, but you could argue that it’s equally as true in the back office. Let’s talk about some of the implications of that change. The Back-Office Benefit of FSM…

It should be obvious to everyone by this point that cloud is not the future anymore; it’s the present. That’s fine in theory, but when it comes to systems that you’ve invested time and physical real estate in, it can be a messy divorce. There’s a few major deviation points when it comes to Field Service and the cloud, and it’s important to be aware of them. Let’s take a few minutes to break it…

 Gaven Fahl, Director, Critical Accounts Program at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, chats with Sarah about what customers need when things go awry and how to find skill sets that can successfully navigate complex customer situations.